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  • Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

    They're not like your mum's... but she’ll love them too! The only ready-to-eat meatballs in tomato sauce. Just heat… + info

  • “Mediterranean-Style” Bites

    Just as delicious as the strips, these bites are perfect with chips, to make skewers, to add to your rice dishes, to… + info

  • "Beef-Style" Burger

    Discover REVOLUGREEN “Beef style”! A burger made WITH 100% plant-based ingredients and FREE from everything a burger… + info

  • "Chicken-Style" Burger

    100% flavour, 100% texture, 100% juicy. That's the Revolugreen Chicken-Style Burger, 100% authentic. Try it and you'… + info

  • Mini-Escalopes in Sauce

    The quintessential traditional homemade recipe, now in its 100% plant-based version. There’s no excuse not to eat… + info

  • Plant-Based Mince

    Rigatoni with bolognese sauce, Argentinian pasties, Mexican burritos, stuffed courgettes, Japanese gyoza... sound… + info

  • "Mediterranean-Style" Strips

    These Mediterranean-style strips are great for salads, for your tacos or fajitas, in tempura, sautéed with… + info

  • Pant-based sausages

    Revolugreen frankfurters are a must. With a hint of smokiness, you'll love their flavour and they go great with all… + info

  • Vegan Spanish Omelette

    A Spanish omelette with no eggs? That’s also delicious? Yes! The REVOLUGREEN vegan Spanish omelette. In individual… + info

  • "Chicken-Style" Pizza

    Simply delicious... mushrooms, green olives, 100% plant-based no-cheese and Mediterranean strips. The only… + info

  • Paté

    Made from pea protein, revolugreen pâté has such a great texture and taste you won't believe it's 100% plant-based.… + info

  • Brownie

    The first 100% plant-based dessert on the market! Fudgy brownie with an intense flavour, topped with crunchy… + info